The Place Where You Go to Listen: In Search of an Ecology of Music
by John Luther Adams

The Place Where You Go to Listen
The Place Where You Go to Listen
Item# 9780819569035


The Place Where You Go to Listen
This publication is the companion book to "The Place Where You Go To Listen," a sound and light installation at the UA Museum of the North.

Did Alaska create the music of John Luther Adams, or did the music create his Alaska? For the past thirty years, the vastness of Alaska has swept through the distant reaches of the composerís imagination and every corner of his compositions. In this new book Adams proposes an ideal of musical ecology, the philosophical foundation on which his largest, most complex musical work is based. This installation, also called The Place Where You Go to Listen, is a sound and light environment that gives voice to the cycles of sunlight and darkness, the phases of the moon, the seismic rhythms of the earth, and the dance of the aurora borealis. Adams describes this work as ďa place for hearing the unheard music of the world around us.Ē The book includes two seminal essays, the composerís journal telling the story of the day-to-day emergence of The Place, as well as musical notations, graphs and illustrations of geophysical phenomena. (Wesleyan Press.)

Paperback, 180 pages
Publisher: Wesleyan (April, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780819569035
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